Raised: $28,699.00

GOAL: $28,000.00


***UPDATE - Angelina's surgery was on November 2nd. Her family reports that Angelina’s treatment was a success! She and her family are very happy and excited about the results. They are grateful for all of the help they have received. Angelina and her family are now focusing on her rehabilitation following her surgeries. As for now, there are smiles all around! ***

A note from Angelina's mother;

"Hello Dear George. From the heart, thank you for helping us to make the operation of the daughter. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to realize the dream of our daughter.

 We've had a surgery. We got rid of spastics in our legs forever.

 Dr. Park told us that if we were to rehabilitate the Angelina for 2 years, she would definitely walk alone without help. Thank you very much SOAR Foundation that gave us a chance for the best future for my little baby."







Angelina Petrosian turned six in June 2022. She suffered brain hypoxia during childbirth and cannot walk on her own. She has been learning to walk during the past few years, and has been treated in numerous rehabilitation centers, but the spasticity in her legs has not resolved.

The only intervention that can help Angelina is surgery at St. Louis Children's Hospital. Selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) is a neurosurgical procedure that selectively destroys problematic nerve roots in the spinal cord and will allow Angelina to walk independently. 


Over the past six years, Angelina's family has invested an incredible amount of money for her treatments and cannot afford the cost of this operation.


Another $28,000 is needed before the surgery can be scheduled.



Please help Angelina realize her dream of being able to walk! 




Thank you for your continued support of SOAR and our initiatives. Direct any inquiries you may have to gyacoubian@soar-us.org.

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Get well little angel
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God's blessing for a most successful surgery for Angelina.
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