Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR)

Providing humanitarian relief to orphaned Armenians throughout the world since 2005

 The Armenian child/family/village you SPONSOR receives 100% of your donations! 

SOAR covers all wiring fees, and no funds are used to support the facilities or SOAR generally. 


Child Sponsorship Fund

allows you to personally connect with your sponsoree.
Sponsors will receive a photo and personal profile of the individual being sponsored and may receive, if requested, updates throughout the year.
Please note that each individual may have more than one sponsor.

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Services to Children in Their Own Homes (SCOH) Sponsorship Fund

provides short-term home-based assistance to families whose children are at serious risk for re-institutionalization. SOAR staff work with the family to set goals and build on strengths to create a safe and stable home environment. Sponsors receive a photo and personal profile of the family being sponsored and may receive, if requested, updates throughout the year.
Please note that each family may have more than one sponsor. 

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Families of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund

assists the families of fallen and severely disabled Armenian service personnel by providing emotional, educational, and financial support and children’s enrichment assistance. The Fund aims to build strong, caring, and loving bonds with each family and to follow the widows and children through the years to assure that no children of fallen Armenian soldiers are ever institutionalized. We believe that the service and sacrifices made by these Armenian service personnel should never be taken for granted and, just as they have become our heroes, we help their families get past their obstacles and guide them through their darkest times.

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Maternal and Newborn Health Fund

was established to provide prenatal and newborn assistance to vulnerable, first-time expectant mothers in Armenia. SOAR works with the Community Development and Social Childcare Center in Gyumri to identify the most suitable candidates. We support key elements of quality care during pregnancy, including birth preparedness and complication readiness, and counsel expectant mothers on pregnancy danger signs. Physicians and social workers ensure that mothers receive quality care during childbirth, regular post-delivery medical attention, and trainings that facilitate better motherhood skills. To incentivize our target population, we have established programmatic enrichments to address the social and structural barriers to patient compliance. 

Artsakh Family Restoration Fund

 assures that no children in Artsakh would ever have to be institutionalized because of the casualties of war. Central to the aims of post-war social reconstruction was the desire to empower Armenian families after the disruptive effects of war and to build a future in which cultural identify, family stability, and economic independence would be the foundation of a better life. To those families in Artsakh rebuilding their lives after the war, SOAR provides emotional and financial support with the ultimate goals of cultural preservation and economic self-sufficiency. 


SOS Village Sponsorships

By signing up for a Village Sponsorship, you are helping to support an entire village of vulnerable Armenian children. SOS Children’s Villages provide loving homes for orphaned and otherwise abandoned children in Armenia and around the world. Sponsors will receive photos and a profile of the village being sponsored and may receive, if requested, updates throughout the year. 



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Child sponsorship is your commitment to help break the cycle of poverty. You can bring hope, healing, and love into their life. Your monthly contribution provides the following life-changing benefits:

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