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FAMILY OF LENDRUSH KHACHATRYAN - 11 of 28 Shares Sponsored


Family Situation: Lendrush Khachatryan is a Major Commander, earning an award as one of the best commanders in 2020. He was sustained a head injury on September 28th and has been hospitalized for the past eight months. He is currently in an "awake coma", but is unable to move except for occassional eye movement. Lendrush was moved to Russia for treatment. His sister went with to help care for him. Lendush has a wife and three children; Two sons, ages 7 and 4, and a 10-month-old daughter. The family was living in Artsakh but are now renting a home in Yerevan. The home is very damp, especially after a rain. The eldest son is going to school and the second son needs to go to kindergarten but there is no one to take him there and back home. ***As of 7/2022 Lendrush was moved to Yerevan from Russia and is receiving rehabilitation treatment at Mikaelyan’s hospital. Specialists are working with him to make him start walking and talking and he can recognize his family at times. The wife and the youngest daughter are staying in a hotel in Yerevan and the 2 sons are in Stepanakert.***

Immediate Needs: Sponsorship funds will be used for housing, utility payments, and food ($3,600/annually). (His wife received his full salary for the first three months, but after that it was reduced to about 1/3 the amount.)