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Institution Warm Hearth~3rd Village (Armenia)

Age 45

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 1978-08-08

Family History: Agappy is a remarkable, content, and capable person. She loves to work in the garden and enjoys physical work. She has made the Warm Hearth garden beautiful and is calmed by working with the earth. Agappy also enjoys participating in house work, helping staff in the kitchen, and creating handcrafts. She loves to dance and dreams of doing gardening work for pay.

Medical History: Agappy has a general developmental disability. She also has other medical conditions, including frequent fainting episodes.

Special Interests: Agappy teaches painting to the residents at Geghanist every week. She loves carpet weaving and pottery, but most of all spending time with her friends

Immediate Needs: Agappy is in need of sponsorship funds to provide for her care, medical needs, therapy, food, clothing, and to support further development of vocational skills and integration in the community.

UPDATE - 07/2023

Agappy works once a week at the community store. She loves drawing and teaching the children in community. In January she held an exhibition of her work.  Agappy participate in carpet weaving, pottery, sewing, and computer groups. THer birthday is always a special day for her of celebration with her friends!


UPDATE - 08/2022

Aggapy works once a week at the community store. It has always been her dream to work and earn her own money! She continues to teach painting and drawing at the Geghanist facility every week. An exhibition of their drawings is planned for this month. She continues to take carpet weaving, pottery, and sewing classes. This year she participated in "I CAN" 2022 in the rowing competition taking 4th place. She celebrated her birthday in the beautiful garden at Warm Hearth that she helps to tend.