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Institution Warm Hearth~3rd Village (Armenia)

Age 44

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 1978-08-08

Family History: Anahit is a passionate person and feels things deeply. As you watch her sing, you can see the deep wells within her. Anahit loves to sing and recite poems. She has a flare for the dramatic and brings energy and life to our home. Anahit is a meticulous and complex person, which shows in her carpet weaving, which she enjoys immensely. She is incredibly active both mentally and physically. In moments when she seeks calm and quiet, she turns to music and song.

Medical History: Anahit has developmental disabilities and visual impairment.

Immediate Needs: Anahit is in need of sponsorship funds to provide for her care, medical needs, therapy, food, clothing, and to support further development of vocational skills and integration in the community.

UPDATE - 08/2022

Anahit participated in "I CAN" 2022 in the rowing competition. She continues to take carpet weaving, pottery, sewing and pattern courses.