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Institution Nakashian Children’s Support Center (House of Hope-Mer Hooys) 

Age 13

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2010-02-20

Family History: Anahit’s parents live in extremely poor conditions in a wagon in a suburb of Yerevan. The mother has mental problems, and the family cannot afford to take care of her.

Medical History: Anahit is a healthy child.

Special Interests: Anahit is very musically talented, excelling at piano and singing in the school choir. Anahit gets excellent marks at school, and she adores reading books. She is friendly and has many friends in the center.

Immediate Needs: Day to day and educational needs ($1,200/annually).

UPDATE - 06/2022

Anahit will be in 6th grade in September. 

She attends piano and solfeggio classes and also sings in a choir at music school.

Twice a week Anahit participates in English classes at the Center.