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Institution Warm Hearth~3rd Village (Armenia)

Age: 44

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 1978-11-09

Family History: Alina was born in Kapan and sent to live at an orphanage at a young age. Alina is an artist and loves to sing. She also enjoys embroidery, painting, and drawing. Alina has filled notebooks with amazing art work, often with depictions of nature. She is deeply creative and has a quiet spirit. Alina is often “caught” ironing clothes or doing laundry, tasks she learned to do at Warm Hearth. She is committed to growing more independent and would like to live one day with her sister’s family.

Medical History: When her family was informed that she had a disability, Alina was taken to an orphanage. Her family members visited her regularly, until her parents died. Now, she only has a relationship with her sister, who visits and calls. Alina suffers from physical and developmental disabilities. She was born with cerebral palsy.

Special Interests: Alina is very artistic

UPDATE - 08/2022

Alina continues to participate in pottery, carpet weaving, and sewing groups. She is also an amazing painter and a very hard worker.