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FAMILY OF SAMVEL KARAMYAN - 0 of 28 Shares Sponsored


Date Profile Received: 2023-09-11

Family Situation: Samvel received a brain concussion while serving during the Artsakh War. He was transferred to Yerevan/Nubarashen/ in very bad condition, where after one month of treatment he was transferred to Vanadzor Medical Center. He recently had surgery again and is receiving treatment in Vanadzor. His wife, Laura, has had 3 strokes and is on medication. Samvel has two children, both with disabilities. His daughter, Arina (DOB 7/11/2009) was diagnosed with 2 hip dislocations, and a locomotor problem and will need surgery when she turns 17. She suffers from depression because of her disability. His son, Grisha (DOB 7/26/2013) suffers with hearing loss. Laura has started a beekeeping business but would like to expand so she can bring in more income for the family. The house they live in is in very bad condition and needs repair. The roof is in poor condition, water leaks from the ceiling during rain or snow melt causing the home to be very damp. Until now, the house has been heated with wood in winter. Although there is gas, the family cannot afford gas heating. The family has acquired debt with local stores for food and clothing.

Immediate Needs: Medical, food, clothing, new housing, help Laura expand her beekeeping business ($4,800/annually).