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Date Profile Received: 11/2021

Region: Martuni, Chartar City

Family History: Irina's husband died during the Artsakh war. She now lives with her 2 minor children. The family lives in Chartar city of Martuni region of the Artsakh Republic, in the house of one of the villagers.

Economic Pursuits After the war, Inna took courses in manicure, but she is not able to buy the necessary equipment/instruments for the job. There is a suitable place in the area, in the home they are renting where she will be able to provide manicure services.

Family Motivation Irina lives with her two minor children, but her mother and other members of the extended family, express their willingness to help the her. She has a great love for manicure and a great desire to start her own business.

Business Demand There is a demand for manicuring, the residents of the community need a manicurist. The number of people doing such work in the community is small, but the demand is high.

Sources of Current Family Income Irina works part time at Chartar Hospital as a nurse. She receives 38,000 AMD / $ 81. After the death of her husband, they receive child support allowance from the government - 80,000 AMD/ $ 170.

Previous Initiatives She has not worked before, as her husband worked in the Аrmy, and the salary he received was enough for the family needs.

Summary Inna will be able to achieve her goals, as she has a great interest, has been able to pass the courses earning a certificate. This work has a therapeutic significance in the case of Inna, as it will help her to have more contact with people in her community which will help her as she struggles with the loss of her husband..

Necessary Purchases . Manicure lamp- 25,000 AMD b. Vacuum cleaner- 30,000 AMD c. Nail cleaner – 37,000 AMD d. Manicure materials: paints – 80,000 AMD Total needed – 172,000 AMD/ $ 366 ALL REQUESTS HAVE BEEN FULFILLED!


Inna received all the equipment and materials needed for her manicure business!