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Age 13

Date Profile Received: 2023-04-17

Date of Birth: 2010-04-22

Sibling(s): There are 3 siblings at home.

Mother's name/Occupation: Aghavni - She works as a cleaning lady or washes dishes at the local restaurant from time-to-time. It is not regular employment.

Father's Name/Occupation: Arsen - He collects bottles from trash cans and delivers them.

Family History: Romik's father has been diagnosed with a psychological disorder. There are three brothers still at home. The oldest brother Spasrtak works as a shoemaker. He is the only one in the household with a permanent job. Romik's brother, Gevorg, now 17, has been diagnosed with epilepsy and is also under care for psychological problems due to his condition. The grandmother also lives with the family, and she cares for the youngest brother, Arthur (4). The family was living in a home that was in very poor condition, dark and damp. They did not have a separate kitchen, there is no refrigerator, and the bedrooms did not have windows. They placed a small table and a gas stove in the corner. There was no bathroom, the toilet was a hole in the ground outside the entrance of the house. Their only heat was from a wood burning stove, and the family burned whatever they could find available to burn. The family had a fire which completely destroyed one bedroom and caused tremendous damage to the remaining parts of the house. All their belongings were burned or damaged.

Immediate Needs: Renovation of the home, furnishings including a refrigerator, clothing for the entire family ($...../annually).

Family home