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Age 13

Date of Birth: 2010-05-09

Family History: Anahit's birth date: 2010-05-09 Arsen's birth date: 2005-04-12 Artak's birth date: 2004-01-04 The family had no place to live and had been residing in a metallic shelter outside of the town whose owner keeps his sheep in the same area. The family does not have constant income; the father takes care of the sheep and gets paid on a daily basis. He has serious cardiac problems. The mother is also in bad health. The area where they lived had been sold and the owner had asked the family to leave. UPDATE: On December 2021 SOAR made the dream of the family come true and bought them the apartment they were renting for the past 4 years. The family will have a housewarming ceremony at the end of January 2022. Artak just turned 18 and will be called to military service soon. Arsen Baghdasaryan is studying at music college. Anahit Baghdasaryan is attending various classes at Orran.

Immediate Needs: Day to day needs


In the beginning of 2022 SOAR purchased the apartment the Baghdasaryan had been renting for the past five years also with SOAR support. A nice housewarming was organized with a local priest blessing the house and the family. Unfortunately, the father passed away a couple of months later as he has been seriously ill for a few years. The two elder boys are working day and night to help the mother pay all the bills. The elder son Artak will soon be called for military service. The middle son Arsen is getting music education at the music college because of the dhol classes he participated in at Orran. Anahit the youngest child is still getting services at Vanadzor Orran Center. Ruzanna, the mother, works at a bakery, although she has also health problems.