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Sibling(s): Ruzanna, Anna, and Mariam Mkrtchyan

Mother's name/Occupation: Cattle breeder; a single parent-led household in Vanadzor, Armenia, mother Heghine does her best for her three daughters, but she struggles to support her family.

Father's Name/Occupation: Father is deceased.

Family History: After the father’s death in 2012, Heghine was unable to care for her daughters as she wished and took the children to stay at an orphanage in Vanadzor. In 2016, upon learning about the daycare services offered at the Orran Center, Heghine found a cattle breeder job in a nearby village and was reunited with her children. In dire straits, the family lived in a metallic temporary shelter until SOAR rented the family an apartment to stabilize their living conditions. Date of Births: Ruzanna (06-07-2009), Anna (12-21-2010), Mariam (02-01-2007).

Immediate Needs: 10 year-old Ruzanna was recently diagnosed with lupus, a chronic, autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and pain throughout the body. Immediate support is needed for Ruzanna's medical expenses. Only with proper medical attention can Ruzanna's lifespan and quality of life be enhanced.


SOAR continues to pay rent for the Mkrtchyan family. SOAR also paid for psychological sessions for Mariam Mkrtchyan who was struggling with some behavior issues.
SOAR also paid for several analysis and examinations for Ruzanna Mkrtchyan, the middle daughter, whose health condition is deteriorating at the moment. The mother took Ruzanna to Georgia for a CT scan. The found that she has a cyst in her head and the vessel going to her head is damaged which has caused Ruzanna to lose her senses from time to time. She needs additional examinations for her adrenal glands, and her mother is searching for a hospital to have these tests performed. 
Both Anna and Ruzanna are attending Orran daycare center. Mariam was attending dhol classes which really helped her psychologically.



Ruzanna in hospital during evaluation