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Institution Gavar Orphanage

Age 18

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2005-01-20

Family History: Arevik and her siblings were living in very poor conditions without any normal accommodations (no toilet, using dirty blankets as mattress). Their mother suffers from deep mental retardation and could not take proper care of the children. The children were attending the special school N 1 in Gavar, and in 2015 were placed in the orphanage. The sister and both brothers have disabilities. (Biological microphthalmia). Their mother lives in Vardenis in a 3-room apartment and has no parental skills. The chance for the children to return back home is estimated to be zero.

Medical History: Arevik is a healthy child

Special Interests: She is very artisitc and loves carpet weaving. She will continue her education at the painting department of Gavar State Music College.

Immediate Needs: Educational learning CDs, intellectual games, clothing and shoes, school supplies.


Arevik studies at Gavar High School. She continues to take carpet weaving and art classes.