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Date Profile Received: 11/2021

Region: Martuni, Chartar City

Family History: Arevik was evacuated from the city of Shushi in the Artsakh Republic and lives with her mother in Chartar city, Martuni region. Arevik is still in school in 11th grade. Her mother has health problems, so is unable to work.

Economic Pursuits Arevik wants to take courses in manicure so she can care for the family on her own.

Family Motivation Since the family has no source of income and she will be the only employee of the family, she is ready to do everything to succeed.

Business Demand There is no such service provider in the district and according to the Arevik she already has many people telling her they will be her clients.Arevik's

Sources of Current Family Income Arevik's mother has a 2nd degree disability. The only income is her pension, which is 32,000 AMD a month ($67.26).

Previous Initiatives As Arevik is 18-years-old, she has not had experience before, but she wants to get a job after graduation because of her family's status. Arevik also wants to study part-time at the university, hoping to pay her university tuition fee from the income she makes from being a manicurist. Arevik had wanted to take these courses before, but the family did not have enough money for her to do so.

Summary Arevik says she will gradually have many more customers and knows she will be able to turn it into a business. She is very serious about making this work and supporting her family.

Necessary Purchases Manicure lamp - 25 000 AMD ($53.00) Vacuum cleaner - 30 000 AMD ($64.00) Nail cleaner - 37 000 AMD ($80.00) Manicure material (polish, etc.) - 80 000 AMD ($170.00) Course - 80 000 AMD ($170.00) TOTAL - $537.00 ALL REQUESTS HAVE BEEN FULFILLED!

UPDATE - May 2022

Arevik received all the requested equipment and has signed up for her manicure course to begin her own business.