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Institution Our Lady of Armenia Educational Center (Tashir)

Age 16

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 2007-07-16

Family History: Argam's father abandoned the family after Argam's health issues developed. Argam attended first and second grades, but dropped out because his classmates bullied him about his vision problems. Surviving in very poor conditions in the Tashir area, Argam and his family (mother and brother) recently moved to an apartment which lacks basic essential items needed for day-to-day living. His mother is employed working as a cook at Our Lady of Armenia Educational Center.

Medical History: 12 year-old Argam became ill when he was only four years old. The doctors were unable to make a diagnosis, and he later lost his vision. After a year of treatment in Russia to help restore his vision, Argam's family could no longer afford the treatment and they returned to Armenia. Argam's vision is now very limited, and he has to use his sense of touch to "see."

Special Interests: Argam will soon begin taking piano lessons.

Immediate Needs: Sponsorship funds will help pay for ongoing medical assistance for Argam and essential items needed for his family home, including a bed and mattress for Argam, new oven, refrigerator, and other household furniture.