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Institution Warm Hearth Arinj (Armenia)

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 1991

Family History: Armen came to Warm Hearth in 2018 after spending twelve years at the Kapan Special School. Prior to Kapan, he lived at Nubarashen. He was abandoned as a baby and has never lived with his family. We do not have any information about them.

Special Interests: Armen enjoys solitude. He loves playing with balls. He also enjoys and appreciates participating in communal activities.

UPDATE - 07/2023

Armen attends pottery, sewing and pattern, and computer class. He goes on various excursions with the group learning how to use public transportation. Armen is always excited to be able to celebrate his birthday every year with his friends.


UPDATE - 08/2022

Armen continues to attend pottery and sewing classes. He has gone on excursions with the other residents of Warm Hearth and has had birthday celebrations through the SOAR Birthday Fund.