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Institution Orran (Armenia)

Age 14

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 2009-05-14

Family History: Arsen's mother was a single mother and used to work as a guard in the Food Security Service Lori regional structure and she was living in the same place together with her 2 sons. She recently died and her elder son (Arman), who was 19 at the time of her death, was at his military service and was called back from the army so that he could take care of his younger brother. There are no other relatives to help with his care. Their biological father was in prison and was released in 2021. It is the sixth time he has been arrested for using and selling drugs. The children have no contact with him and prefer to keep it that way. The company where their mother used to work employed a new guard after their mother's death and were no longer allowed to stay. SOAR purchased a home for the boys in 2018 and bought furniture and a new boiler as well. Arman is taking driving classes to be able to find a stable job.

Medical History: Arsen has hemophilia. He is hospitalized from time to time, and he needs a proper medical analysis as his condition is not improving.

Special Interests: He likes knitting carpets most of all. Arsen likes doing his homework, he loves school and is always willing to do more than what is expected.

Immediate Needs: Funds are needed for day-to-day needs and medical expenses for Arsen.


The health condition of Arsen is not improving. He has problems with walking and walks with a stick as his leg is swollen. He rarely comes to Orran, instead food packages are delivered to his house. From time to time, he has to visit the doctors in Yerevan. The doctors are not sure whether his leg surgery will be successful since Arsen has hemophilia A.  If not treated promptly, joint bleeding can lead to permanent joint damage and disfigurement. 
Arman who is Arsen's main caregiver, was given funds to attend driving classes to be able to find an employment.