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Institution Kharberd Orphanage (Armenia)

Age 30

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 1992-05-14

Family History: Artiom was brought to Kharberd in November 2008 by the local government because his grandmother, who is blind, could no longer tend to him. Artiom’s parents left Armenia in 1994, and his grandmother was the only person who could take care of him at the time. When Artiom was brought to Kharberd, he was sick and dressed in filthy clothes. No additional information about his family is available.

Medical History: Artiom suffers from central nervous system disorder, cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegia, and severe mental retardation.

Special Interests: Artiom likes to help Kharberd’s caregivers and enjoys tending to children who are more sick and needier than he is. He is interested in toys that can be used to construct things. Artiom is happy and friendly, but at the same time stubborn. He likes being the center of attention, singing, listening to music and watching TV. Artyom participates in various courses that take place at the orphanage: pottery, computer and craft training program. He likes to communicate with other children in the orphanage and if there are guests, Artiom does not miss the opportunity to communicate with them, even if he can not speak. Artiom also participates in events organized outside the orphanage - cinema, theater, city walks.


Artiom is involved in the pottery workshop. When he started his attendance to the pottery workshop, he was able to knead the raw clay, but now he cuts the clay with an adapted tool and soothes the edges. As a result, he has developed his motor skills and self-esteem.