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Date Profile Received: 11/2021

Region: Region of Martuni, Village Hatsi

Family History: The family of Ashot Harutyunyan consists of 5 members – Ashot, his wife, 2 adult daughters, and 1 minor boy. Ashot is a military servant. He served in one of the military units of Hadrut as the head of communications. Ashot’s wife, Inga, is trained as an accountant but is currently unemployed. His two daughters, Anna and Ani, study at Artsakh State University at the faculty of Philology. They are future teachers. His son, Hayk, is a student at the village school.

Economic Pursuits The family wants to raise livestock, especially bulls. They have the barns, which are located 2 km from their house.

Family Motivation The family wants to live in their village and help redevelop Artsakh, even though the enemy is 2 km away from the village. After the war, Ashot lost his job because the military unit came under the control of the enemy. The entire family wants to live in their house, for which they need to have a source of income. To this end, the family is ready to support their father in cattle breeding, because they are sure that they will be able to increase the family’s income.

Business Demand There are currently problems with the availability of meat products. Because the main part of Artsakh has passed to the enemy, many large areas, pastures, and animals, which were the main source of meat products, have been relinquished. Because meat imports are low, there is a great demand for local meat products.

Sources of Current Family Income The only income of the family is Ashot’s pension, which is 80,000 drams (AMD) ($169).

Previous Initiatives According to the family (and confirmed by the neighbors), the family used to have a small farm, which they lost during the war.

Summary If a few bulls and fodder are bought for the family, the family can be self-sufficient within 6 months.

Necessary Purchases a. 10 bulls – 1.3M AMD b. Fodder – 160,000AMD c. Total needed = 1.46M AMD ($3100) ALL REQUESTS AVE BEEN FULFILLED!


The family received bulls and fodder so they could start raising livestock!