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Institution Warm Hearth~3rd Village (Armenia)

Age 45

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 1978-08-11

Family History: Davit’s mother took him to an orphanage as a newborn. After leaving him at the orphanage, she didn’t visit him for many years. Eventually he was moved to the Kapan Special School. Once he was in Kapan, his mother visited him and introduced herself as his aunt. During the interim, she had re-married and her new family didn’t know about Davit. She still visits him at Warm Hearth, but he still believes that she is his aunt.

Medical History: Davit has severe scoliosis, which has progressed to the point that he has difficulty moving and walking.

Special Interests: Despite a difficult past and severe and painful scoliosis, Davit is positive, kind, and caring. He has a great sense of humor, and it has been said by the WH director that “anyone will laugh all day if they can be near Davit.” He is always the first person at the door to welcome visitors, and is a meticulous person who strives so hard to do things “right.” With the instruction of a local carpet maker, Davit has begun making his own traditional carpets, a craft that is respected in Armenia. Davit is very skilled at creating handicrafts and loves music, with his long-term goal to open a music center.

Immediate Needs: Davit is in need of sponsorship funds to provide for his care, medical needs, therapy, food, clothing, and to support further development of vocational skills and integration in the community.

UPDATE - 07/2023

Davit participates in carpet making, pottery, needlework, computer groups. He dreams of becoming a carpet maker and working in a carpet factory. He also participates in group excursions learning to by transport and visiting museums. Davit loves to go shopping for his birthday each year.


UPDATE - 08/2022

Davit is engaged in carpet weaving, pottery, and he is learning to sew with a sewing machine. He also learned how to make airplanes and how to operate them. Davit loves to go shopping for his birthday each year.