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Date Profile Received: 11/2021

Region: Martuni

Family History: Eleta's family consists of 3 people: Eleta and her 2 minor children. The family was displaced from Hadrut. Eleta is a single mother. Eleta is a pedagogue by profession, but she is not working at the moment because she is taking care of her little girl. The girl has Down Syndrome and it is difficult for Eleta to combine work with child care.

Economic Pursuits The family is displaced and lives in a rented house. The house is quite big and there is an opportunity to start her own business in one room of the house.

Family Motivation Eleta wishes to establish a confectionery in Martuni. She loves this profession and she knows that with it she will be able to take care of the needs of her family. The children are ready to help their mother, especially her daughter.

Business Demand There are no such services in the area. At the moment, Eleta already takes orders, but the instruments she has are not enough to expand the work; she does not have an oven, a mixer, she uses the neighbor's oven, which causes inconvenience, as she cannot plan her day, because the neighbor uses them too. With the necessary instruments, she will be able to expand the orders.

Sources of Current Family Income Eleta does not work. The only income of the family is the allowance provided by the government, which is 30,000 AMD /64 USD.

Previous Initiatives Her business in Hadrut was going very well, she had many clients and was able to support her family on her own.

Summary Eleta is very hardworking, she wants to do what she loves. She wants to start the business again because she is sure that her cakes will be in great demand.

Necessary Purchases a. Oven – 60,000 AMD b. Mixer – 25,000AMD c. 3 cake molding tools- 50,000 AMD d. 7 food for making cakes- 100,000 AMD Total needed = 235,000 AMD ($ 500) ALL REQUESTS HAVE BEEN FULFILLED!


The family received all the needed equipment to begin her confectionary business!