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FAMILY OF ARMEN KHACHATRYAN - 0 of 28 Shares Sponsored


Date Profile Received: 05/2022

Family Situation: Armen was 45 years old when he gave his life on November 7, 2020, while serving in Nengi, near Shushi during the Artsakh War. He leaves behind his wife, Gayane, and two sons, Sargis, 17, and Tigran, 13. The family lives with Armen’s mother and the brother’s family (wife and 2 children). The brother-in-law does not work as he has had 2 heart surgeries. Armen’s eldest son is attending his 2nd year of college. The younger son goes to school but has many health issues: he has been diagnosed with erosion of the stomach to the duodenum which started in 2019 when his grandfather died. It worsened after his father’s death. Whenever he feels nervous or has any stress, he feels ill, can't eat, and experiences bouts of nausea. He has had many treatments at hospitals. Armen's son has also been diagnosed with palsy of the frontal nerve, which affects the left side of his face. He takes acupuncture sessions from time to time. Gayane can’t work as her son needs attention all the time and is needing to make frequent doctor visits. Armen's family is very controlling which is causing even more stress for the family.

Immediate Needs: New housing for the family and psychological assistance for both Gayane and the younger son. ($2,400/annually)