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FAMILY OF ARMEN MOSINYAN - 4 of 28 Shares Sponsored


Date Profile Received: 2022-12-06

Family Situation: Armen gave his life on September 13, 2022, while serving during the recent escalation of the war in Jermuk. Armen also participated in both the 2016 and 2020 wars. He leaves behind his wife, Mariam, and his three children, Marianna (DOB 5/21/2001), Raffi (DOB 5/8/2006), and Mane (DOB 5/30/2011). The family currently lives in Vanadzor, Lori Region. Mariam will clean homes from time to time but has no steady employment. Marianna quit school when she learned of her father's death. She would like to take classes in programming and web design. Raffi is in his second year of cooking classes.

Immediate Needs: The family needs assistance with utilities and tuition for Marianna's classes ($1,200/annually).