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FAMILY OF GASPAR DILOYAN - 0 of 16 Shares Sponsored


Date Profile Received: 2023-01-21

Family Situation: Gaspar was a soldier, but passed away in 2016 from health problems. During the 2020 Artsakh War, his wife, Liana, and his two children, Vrezh (17), and Mariam (10), were evacuated from Kashatagh, leaving their house and all their property behind. At the moment, they live with Liana's family in Gyumri, but the family wants to return to Artsakh. On December 11th, Liana went to Artsakh to get a certificate for a state apartment, but the Lachin corridor was closed, and she was stuck in Artsakh. Vrezh and Mariam were left alone with no parental care. Liana was able to return on January 17, 2023, and is now suffering from a deep depression. The family receives an orphan's pension of 100,000 AMD ($250) per month, but 40,000 AMD ($100) goes for rent. Liana is looking for a job and willing to learn a new profession. Vrezh wants to learn programming, but he cannot afford the courses, and he does not have a computer to do his homework.

Immediate Needs: Vocational courses for Liana and Vrezh, a computer for Vrezh, assistance with utilities and rent, and psychological counseling ($3,600/annually).