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FAMILY OF LILIT DANIELYAN - 0 of 16 Shares Sponsored


Date Profile Received: 2023-04-04

Region: Gegharkuniq, Gavar Village

Family History: The family was displaced from Karvatchar Artsakh after the 44 day war. They now live in Gavar village. Lilit’s husband died in 2021 from liver cirrhosis and her eldest son, Vahe, participated in the War. He graduated from Gavar University but works in a construction job to help the family. The daughter, Vard, now 19, studies Pharmacy at Gavar University. The tuition fee is $600 per year, and she has one more year to study. The youngest son, Tigran, goes to school. Lilit works in a bakery and the family is currently living with relatives.

Necessary Purchases Tuition for Vard to complete her final year at Gavar University ($600). Vard is the 2023 recipient of the George and Margaret Yacoubian Charitable Scholarship.