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FAMILY OF MARY ARZUMANYAN - 0 of 16 Shares Sponsored


Date Profile Received: 2023-04-04

Region: Gegharkuniq, Sevan Village

Family History: The family was displaced from Karvatchar Artsakh after the 44-day war. They now live in Sevan village. Mary’s husband does not have stable work. Mary wants to study hairdressing. The fee for the course is $520 for 3 months. Their son, Arthur (13), was diagnosed with diabetes six years ago and is currently on insulin. His condition can get worse from time to time, and he was in the hospital March 2023. The family wants to find a home near Yerevan so they will be close to the hospital for Arthur but cannot find one they can afford. They also have a daughter, Hasmik (8).

Necessary Purchases Fee for Mary's hairdressing course ($520).