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HASMIK GYURJINYAN - 0 of 8 Shares Sponsored


Age 37

Date of Birth: 1986-02-27

Date Profile Received: 2023-09-06

Family Situation: On the date of interview (09/06/2023), Hasmik was 7 months pregnant. After her parents passed away, she was placed in Gavar Orphanage. She and her husband, Vahe, live in very poor conditions.

Medical History: Hasmik has a congenital eye problem: glaucoma and cataracts and has a 3rd degree disability. In her 7th month of pregnancy, she was diagnosed with diabetes and was hospitalized for a week at the "Erebuni" Medical Center in Yerevan. It has been determined that the baby will need to be delivered surgically.

Immediate Needs: Medications and nutritional supplements to keep her diabetes in check, food and day-to-day needs.