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Institution Orran (Armenia)

Age 19

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2003-11-12

Family History: Hasmik's father left for Russia to work a construction job, but had an accident while on the job and was killed. Hasmik's younger brother has health issues, so her mother has to stay home and care for him and is unable to work.

Medical History: Hasmik is healthy.

Special Interests: Hasmik’s dream was to see the world, to get to know other countries, and she knew that this could not happen if she did not know the English language. She started learning English on her own, volunteering at Orran daycare center in Vanadzor, where she could practice her English with the many volunteers from around the world. Hasmik helped other students at Orran with their English as well! She participated in various local and international competitions, and was even selected as a finalist for the US FLEX program. This year Hasmik entered Vanadzor State University Department of English language and literature.

Immediate Needs: Tuition and related educational expenses.