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Date Profile Received: 11/2021

Region: Martuni, Khnushinak Village

Family History: The family consists of 8 people: Henrik, his wife, mother and 2 minor and 3 adult children. Henrik's son, Grigori, who was the only worker, died in 2020 in the Artsakh war. Henrik, his wife and 3 children have secondary education. One of the children is studying at school in her 9th year, and is also studying to become a manicurist.

Economic Pursuits The family business idea also meets their conditions: they have barns next to their house.

Family Motivation Henrik wants to make an income through cattle breeding to take care of the family. He rejects the idea of leaving the country; ready to work and improve the homeland. They think that if they manage in cattle breeding, they will be able with the income to adjust one of the rooms in the house for the daughter to start working as a manicurist.

Business Demand The family has a clear idea of how the program can be implemented, they are sure that they will succed. They think that if they do cattle breeding, they will be able to sell both dairy and meat products, as in post-war Artsakh there is a great demand for meat kept at home, due to the large number of animals lost during the war.

Sources of Current Family Income At present, the only income of the family is the money provided by the government (the allowance of the deceased son).

Previous Initiatives In the past, they had several cows that met the family's daily needs.

Summary If several bulls, a cow and fodder are bought for the family, the family can be self-sufficient within 6 months. With the income they will be able to solve the daughter's working place issues as well.

Necessary Purchases a. 5 Bulls- 650,000 AMD b. 1 Cow- 250,000 AMD c. Fodder- 180,000 AMD Total needed= 1,080,000 AMD /$ 2298 ALL REQUESTS HAVE BEEN FULFILLED!


The family received bulls, a cow, and fodder to start their cattle breeding business!