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Age 23

Date of Birth: 2001-05-01

Family History: Samvel Grigoryan lost his mother at a young age and was institutionalized in Stepanakert, Artsakh at the Children's Care and Protection Boarding School No. 1 since childhood. His father is seriously ill and has been unable to care for his children. The family was living in Yerevan during the war but moved back to Stepanakert after the war. Samvel participated in the Artsakh war. He is now studying law at the University of Stepanakert. He is also working as a military server. He has two sisters, one who has graduated thanks to the SOAR Sponsorship Fund, and the other is now a resident of the new SOAR Transitional Center in Yerevan.

Immediate Needs: Tuition and educational expenses ($1,200/annually).