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Institution SOAR Transitional Center, Gyumri

Age 18

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2005-05-28

Family History: ´╗┐Lusine's mother finds seasonal work in the village. There are three siblings at home: a sister that suffers from a psychological disorder, a brother with health issues, and a younger brother in grade school. Lusine's father is an alcoholic and abusive to the family. Because of this abuse, Lusine recently moved to SOAR's Transitional Center in Gyumri.

Special Interests: Lusine studies cosmetology at a vocational college, but it is a one-hour ride daily for classes. She would like to learn psychology as well to understand things in her own life and other children in the world. She likes sports, prefers defensive sports like boxing, and learning foreign languages.

Immediate Needs: Travel expenses to attend college and Lusine's day-to-day needs ($1,200/annually).