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Age 6

Sibling(s): A new baby sister!

Mother's name/Occupation: Manya Shermazanyan

Father's Name/Occupation: Edmond Hakobyan

Family History: In September 2017, Mari was diagnosed at birth with ICHTYOSIS, a serious dermatological condition. Upon hearing Mari's diagnosis, her parents relinquished their parental rights because they knew they could not care for her. Mari was admitted to the Sisters of Charity-Bethleham Orphanage in January 2018. The parents visited the Orphanage and informed the Sisters that the only reason they gave up their parental rights was for financial reasons. The Sisters turned to SOAR. To care for Mari at home, the family needs support for medications and living expenses. Without this support, Mari will be re-institutionalized. At present, Manya and Edmond are both working. When Mari comes back to the family, Manya will need to stop working to care for her. The only income will be from Edmond, which is 110,000 AMD, or $230, monthly. The medicine costs $330/month.

Monthly Family Income: 110.000 AMD

Immediate Needs: 1. ULtra Moisturizing body milk – Topi Cream or ICTYANE : Anti dryness body cream (Firm: DUCRAY) 2. Gel Ultra Cleansing Gel .DA.TOPICREAM 3. Provisions for Mari in the new apartment: *Bed + sheets *Bath *Shelf *Clothes *Stroller 4. Extra family support (Financially = food, utilities etc.) *Family needs have been supplied and Mari receives monthly supplies of her medicated cream and shampoo.