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Institution SOS Children's Villages' Armenian Charity Foundation - Kotayk (Armenia)

Age 14

Date Profile Received: 2023-05-04

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2009-06-24

Family History: Marina and her biological brother Gagik moved to SOS village, because their parents got divorced. Their father left the country and the mother couldn’t take care of them alone. Marina has been living in the SOS family since she was 4 years old. Now their mother visits them frequently, but reunification is not a possibility as their mother has a new family. There are 6 children in their family. Marina likes to help the SOS mother with housework and cooking.

Special Interests: Marina attends a dance group. She takes an active part in every event initiated by the leader of the dance group. Marina wants to become a famous dancer and travel around the world.

Immediate Needs: Dance accessories and participation in local and international concerts, educational needs, clothes, school supplies ($1,200/annually).