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Age 3

Date Profile Received: 2022-03-01

Date of Birth: 2020-07-15

Region: Shirak Marz, Amasia Village

Sibling(s): Hrach - 5-years-old

Mother's name/Occupation: Ophelia - English Teacher, but is now home caring for Nane

Father's Name/Occupation: Police officer, but the position was removed April 13, 2022

Family History: Nane has been diagnosed with teratoma of the neck (a throat tumor). She also suffers from other health problems, including shortness of breath, vision issues, malnutrition, vocal cord injury (she cannot speak or make any sound), and partial paralysis. There is a formation behind her ear, which is still being investigated. ´╗┐Nane is being fed through a gastronomy tube. Her monitoring equipment and supplies are very expensive and need to be replaced monthly, but they can only be procured from outside of Armenia.

Immediate Needs: Medical needs for Nane, food, and psychological assistance. ($150/monthly, $1,800/annually)

***UPDATE 04/2023***

Nane is now 2 years and 9 months old!
She has started walking by herself and likes to play with her brother. Nane has also begun putting on weight.
She has been prescribed eyeglasses by a doctor and will be getting them soon.
Every month SOAR is providing financial support of around $100 to her family for taking care of Nane's health issues!



***UPDATE 11/2022***

Nane is now 2 years and 2 months! She is improving but continues to have struggles. She is always under supervision of doctors and has been in and out of rehab. 
Nane is still unable to speak and is now working with a speech therapist to improve her swallowing and chewing capabilities.
She also under the supervision of an endocrinologist because one of her thyroid glands has been removed and she is taking hormone medicine. 
Nane has an appointment scheduled with an ophthalmologist because she has been experiencing vision problems. 

March 2022