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Institution Kharberd Orphanage (Armenia)

Age 33

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 1991-01-06

Family History: Narine was born in Artashat. In 1993, she was placed at Children’s Home of Gyumri by her parents. In June 1999, she was moved to Kharberd. Her mother visits her once a year, at most.

Medical History: Narine suffers from Cerebral Palsy, Partial Mental Retardation, and Spastic Diplegia.

Special Interests: Narine is very communicative and creative. She is interested in colorful painting and embroidery. She also likes to make mini carpets and wants to specialize in embroidery as an adult.

UPDATE - June 2022

Narine loves attending the pottery workshop and expresses her creativity through clay. She participates in the sport ''bochia'' and attends ''Chakhruk'' ethno-music studio playing a special ethno-music instrument and singing.