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Institution Warm Hearth~3rd Village (Armenia)

Age 40

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 1983-07-15

Family History: Sasoon was born in Martakert (which belonged to Azerbaijan at that time). When he was three, his father died, and his mother moved Sasoon to Karabagh as the war began. On their journey to Karabagh, his mother died, and Sasoon was found near the body of his mother. He was then moved to the Baku Orphanage until 1988, when he moved to Kapan. In January 2006, he moved to Warm Hearth. Later that year, he was institutionalized and remained in a psychiatric clinic until April of 2012. He now lives again at Warm Hearth.

Medical History: Sasoon has a pervasive developmental disability. Sassoon also suffers from severe dental problems, which cause him pain and which require urgent dental attention.

Special Interests: Sasoon is a fabulous artist and enjoys drawing monasteries and churches. Along with his artistic spirit, Sasoon has a tender and affectionate heart. He dreams of learning to drive and being able to escape to Lake Sevan. Sasoon enjoys socializing, going on walks in the village, and sightseeing. He also loves to paint and dance.

Immediate Needs: Sasoon is in need of sponsorship funds to provide for his care, medical needs, therapy, food, clothing, and to support further development of vocational skills and integration in the community.

UPDATE - 07/2023

Sasoon loves to paint and sing. He also attends pottery classes and takes excursions to the city. His favorite place to go is the church to lights candles and to pray. Sasoon is always excited when it is his birthday, and he can celebrate with his friends!


UPDATE - 08/2022

Sasoon loves to take daily walks. He continues to work on his paintings visitng Geghanist once a week to help the residents with their painting. His favorite subjects are cars and churches.