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Date Profile Received: 11/2021

Region: SOS, Martuni

Family History: Sergey’s family consists of 4 members: Sergey, his wife and 2 minor children. Sergey is retired, and his wife is a housewife. Their son was killed in the Artsakh War. The family adopted the two younger children three years ago, but now they have some difficulties in taking care of them.

Economic Pursuits Sergey has a lot of work experience. They have a barn and if they could purchase pigs, hens, and fodder, they could breed them and would make a profit. This year has been very difficult for them as the only income was his pension.

Family Motivation The family is very united, overcoming difficulties together. They are very happy that Sergey will be able to begin the new business.Sergey and his wife are very hard working and ready for any work to provide for their family.

Business Demand The demand is very high as there is few people who are engaged in pig breeding and ecologically clean food is required too. As the family needs this work very much and the demand is very high in the village, he is sure that he will be able to breed them and provide for the family.

Sources of Current Family Income The family income is Sergey’s pension, which is 45000 AMD /$ 96, the allowance for their son that was killed in the Artsakh war, which is 34000 AMD / $ 72, and the allowance of the adopted children which is 18000 AMD / $38. The total family income is 97000 AMD /$ 206 per month.

Previous Initiatives The family was engaged in pig breeding, but after the war they lost the animals and now are not able to purchase them again.

Summary The family had requested assistance to take up pig breeding, so they will have additional income and will be able to cover daily needs.

Necessary Purchases 5 Piglets- 175,000 AMD b. 50 Hens- 175,000 AMD c. 2t Barley- 400,000 AMD Total needed= 750,000 AMD/ $ 1596 ALL NEEDS HAVE BEEN FULFILLED!

May 2022 Update

The family received pigs, hens, and feed to start their breeding business!