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Institution SOAR Transitional Center, Gyumri

Age 17

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2005-08-25

Family History: Shoghik's father abandoned his family before Shoghik's younger sister was born. He has no contact with his family. Shoghik's mother works in agriculture in Shirak village with Shoghik's grandmother. The family could not afford the transportation to the city for the girls to get an education, so the mother brought them to Our Lady of Armenia Center where Shoghik's younger sister still resides. Shoghik's mother is very close to the girls and makes frequent visits.

Medical History: Shoghik is physically healthy but needs psychological counseling.

Special Interests: Shoghik wants to pursue a career in computer and media tools. She also loves learnng foreign languages and dancing.

Immediate Needs: Psychological counseling, tuition assistance, and transportation fees.