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Institution Our Lady of Armenia Annie Bezikian Youth Center (Armenia)

Age 19

Date Profile Received: 06/2022

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2004-02-21

Family History: When Shushanik was one-year-old, her father left for Russia to find work so the family could survive. After five years, Shushanik's mother moved to Russia to be with her husband, leaving the three children with their grandparents. A year later, the grandparents sent Shushanik and her sister to be with their parents in Russia. Those were very difficult years for the children, living and studying in a foreign land in very poor social conditions. Shushanik moved to OLA Kanaker in June 2022 to study at Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, but her family is unable to help financially.

Immediate Needs: Tuition, educational expenses, transportation, and living expenses ($200/mo. or $2,400/annually).