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Institution Warm Hearth, Jermik Ankyun Geghanist

Age 32

Date Profile Received: 2022-08-15

Date of Birth: 1991-02-25

Medical History: Siranush has severe mental retardation. She cannot speak because of a tongue defect. Siranush has a very limited attention span and her memory and ability to reason are poorly developed. She has no concept of time and space and is not able to take care of herself on her own.

Special Interests: Siranush loves to dance a lot. Siranush will attend Republican special educational complex No. 2 to learn cooking and she is excited to learn. She also likes sewing and pottery.

UPDATE - 07/2023

Siranush is interested in hairdressing. She participates in computer, needlework, and pottery courses. Every year she is excited to be able to celebrate her birthday!