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Date Profile Received: 11/2021

Region: Ashan, Martuni Region

Family History: The family consists of 5 members: Svetlana, her 2 adult և 2 minor children. Svetlana’s 2 daughters study at school. The sons finished school, served in the army and help their mother, mainly have seasonal work. The family moved from village Jivani Martuni region. Before that they had been doing cattle breeding and gardening.

Economic Pursuits There are 2 barns in the yard, where the family can keep and breed pigs.

Family Motivation The family supports Svetlana and tries to help her with any issue. The only motivation of the family is to stay and live in Artsakh. Even though they live here in a temporary shelter, they are ready to work, to have their own house, and for this purpose they are ready to take up cattle breeding, for that purpose they are ready to be engaged in cattle breeding.

Business Demand Due to the war, a certain part including pastures is no longer under our control, many families lost animals, which were the main source of meat, and meat was not imported to the Republic of Artsakh mainly due to the high quality and taste of meat, at present there is a great demand for meat products, especially pork. There is currently a problem with consumer meat products, especially the increase in the price of pork due to the decrease in the number of pigs.

Sources of Current Family Income The men go to the forest to collect nuts for sale. In the summer Svetlana & the girls collected blackberries and raspberries and sold them. They have land at the house where they grow vegetables, use them, and sell any extra. They also have some savings from state support programs, but since those funds will not be enough for the needs of the family for long.

Previous Initiatives The family had a small farm near their house in the former settlement, where they kept pigs but had to hand them over when the land was occupied.

Summary The purchase of piglets to begin pig breeding will help the family have a permanent source of income.

Necessary Purchases a. 5 Piglets- 225,000 AMD b. 310 kg fodder: bran- 93,000 AMD Total needed= 318,000 AMD/ $ 677 ALL REQUESTS HAVE BEEN FULFILLED!


The family received piglets and fodder to start their pig breeding business!