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Institution Kharberd Orphanage (Armenia)

Age 21

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2002-03-27

Family History: Tigranuhi was born in Abovyan. At first her mother left her in the hospital, but later took her home and was taking care of her alone. In 2004, Tigranuhi was placed in Children's Home of Gyumri because of the bad social conditions of the flat and poverty of the family. In June 2009, she was transferred to Kharberd. Her brother visits her about four times a year.

Medical History: Tigranuhi has a CNS organic disorder, cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, contractures, encephalopathy, severe mental retardation, and deprivation syndrome (with retardation). Tigranuhi's speech is advanced, she has some self-service skills. Tigranuhi has no communication problems, she is involved in inclusive education, attends a public school, communicates well with children and teachers.

Special Interests: Tigranuhi participates in events organized outside the orphanage, she sings, plays during events, likes to listen to music, to dance through hand movements. Tigranuhi enjoys playing constructive and educational games, and participates in group classes where she learns letters and numbers.


Tigranuhi attends '' N2 Republican Special School'' where she studies cooking. She also participates in events at and outside of the orphanage. Tigranuhi is preparing to participate in "bocchi" at the SOAR Special Olympics.