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Institution SOS Children's Villages' Armenian Charity Foundation - Kotayk (Armenia)

Age 14

Date Profile Received: 2023-05-04

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 2008-10-15

Family History: Both of Varuzhan's parents are deceased. He moved to the SOS children’s village with his two elder sisters when he was 11. Now his sisters live in the youth facility. Varuzhan lives in an SOS family with 6 children. As all the boys in his family, he also plays football. The SOS mom is very caring, and the football players have to follow a strict diet, exercise, and pay attention to their school lessons at the same time. Their family is very united, and everyone is very proud of Varuzhan’s football achievements.

Special Interests: Varuzhan attends football club and is one of the best players of the football team. He plays in the Ararat football club and this year he went to competitions in Russia.

Immediate Needs: Football accessories and participation in foreign competitions, clothes, school supplies ($1,200/annually).