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Institution Nakashian Children’s Support Center (House of Hope-Mer Hooys) 

Age 15

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2008-09-25

Family History: Vika’s parents are divorced. Two of her sisters (twins) also live at the Center. The mother lives with her grandmother and uncle together in Yerevan.

Medical History: Vika is a healthy child.

Special Interests: Vike attended ballet classes excelling in her dance. She is now (June 2022) taking Armenian dance as she aged out of the ballet class. She wants to become a clothing and fashion designer.

UPDATE - 07/2023

Vika will be entering the college of design in the Fall. She has a perfect sense of taste in fashion and loves drawing and painting.



UPDATE - 06/2022

Vika will be starting 9th grade in September. She excels at Math but wants to become a clothing and fashion designer. 

Vika with her two sisters, Diana and Jemma.