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Institution Warm Hearth~3rd Village (Armenia)

Age 45

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 1978-02-13

Family History: Yulia was born in Echmiatcin. When she was very small, her parents moved to Russia, and Yulia stayed in Armenia with her grandparents. When she was six years old, her grandparents took her to an orphanage, and she never heard from her family again.

Medical History: Yulia has developmental disabilities and difficulty communicating. She stopped speaking after she was taken to the orphanage. Before coming to Warm Hearth, she spoke very infrequently. While her communication is still scarce, she has begun talking more.

Special Interests: Yulia speaks more now, and occasionally will sing, laugh, and dance. She loves to paint and draw and enjoys playing with dolls and toys. Yulia is very kind and tender. She loves children, baby animals, and candy. She lights up when she hears music and often dances to Armenian folk music. Her first language is Russian, so she is often called by her Russian nickname, “Yulushky.” Yulia graduated from a special education program at Yerevan State College in 2012.

Immediate Needs: Yulia is in need of sponsorship funds to provide for his care, medical needs, therapy, food, clothing, and to support further development of vocational skills and integration in the community.


Yulia likes to help everyone in the kitchen. She takes part in needlework, pottery, and computer classes and likes to go fon walks and excursions. Her birthday is her favorite time and celebrates every year through the SOAR Birthday Fund.